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Family Fun Weekend

This past Saturday was a day filled with lots of festivities! My brother-in-law graduated from college, and my mother-in-law celebrated her 60th birthday. I love these kinds of days where the family meets and spends time together catching up. It truly was a wonderful time in the city of brotherly love.

Dad putting on Mom's birthday crown. This was such a tender moment to witness.

The man that still gives me butterflies. I love you, sweetheart.

Zayden taking care of business :)

Pictures like these remind me of why I love taking them. Just writing this blog post I feel like I'm reliving that day. Congratulations again to my brother-in-law, Pete. Your hard work and perseverance is admirable. I am so proud of you. And a sweet happy birthday to my mother-in-law. You are an amazing mother, friend, wife, and sister. You constantly spread the message of Christ and radiate pure joy. We are so blessed to have you as the matriarch of the Bruchez Bunch.

Here's to many more family gatherings, cake, and laughter!


Madi xoxo

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