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We Are Having A Baby!

The secret is out...... WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

We are so excited to FINALLY tell the world that we are expecting our first baby together! Baby Bruchez is due October of this year. When I found out the due date I couldn't stop smiling. October is a month full of magic. The crisp air, pumpkin everything, leaves that crunch under your every step- yup Octobers are wonderful.

( yes, i know, the sonogram pictures are upsidedown, haha. in between trying to make this a quick photo sesh before dropping off k at mutual and running back and forth from the camera... well the pictures got flipped, haha. oops! )


So, I found out pretty early on that I was pregnant. I was approximately 3 weeks when I had the feeling I was pregnant. The first indicator was "soreness" (all you pregnant mamas know what I'm talking about haha). This was strange because I've never felt this kind of "soreness" before. I waited a couple days after that to take a pregnancy test just to confirm that I was. I took it sometime in the afternoon while Tim was at work and a couple minutes later I got a positive test. My face literally made the reaction like this, "OH.. MY.. GOSH..... I'M REALLY PREGNANT". After that I just sat in the bathroom for a couple more minutes realizing that my life as of that moment would be completely different.

I, of course, couldn't wait to tell Tim. I waited anxiously for him to come home so I could see his reaction. I tried recording him once he got home but lets just say he's EXTREMELY camera shy, haha. (didn't come out as "natural") Once the camera was off he couldn't stop smiling.

It has been soo hard keeping this secret in for 10 weeks. From the moment I knew I was expecting I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops. We did tell close family and friends that we were expecting which was amazing for me because I could finally explain to everyone why I was "sick" and why I had to run to the bathroom (what left like) every 15 minutes.

My first trimester has been pretty rough. When I hit 5 weeks that's when the nausea hit me real hard. And of course, along with nausea I've experienced some other unfriendly symptoms. Here's to hoping and praying that the 2nd trimester will truly be the honeymoon stage and set me free from all the morning/ noon/ and evening sickness, haha.

Tim and I are praying for Baby Bruchez and hoping this sweet babe is healthy, strong, and hopefully has curly auburn hair. ;)

We can't wait to meet you little one.


Madi xoxo

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