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Date Night

For this week's date night Tim wanted to plan it all out. He's had his eye out on a cute, trendy cafe in Hopewell that he's been wanting to take me to for some time now. The minute we arrived to Brick Farm Market I thought how beautiful it all was! The cafe had a mix of modern chic

country feel to it. The brick walls, fresh fruits and veggies was pure happiness to my eyes. My favorite part of location were the details. Each table had fresh cut blue hydrangeas, the colorful menu signs made it all picture perfect.

all their food is farmed to table, and its sooo good!

When we got there it was 20 min to closing time, meaning our dinner could not be heated up. This made us laugh, and we immediately knew we were going to go restaurant hopping. (This is one of our favorite things to do on date night, btw.) So, we started off by ordering appetizers here.

After dining in Hopewell we made our way into downtown Princeton (another one of our favorite places) and had dessert at Nina's Waffles. Nights like these make me want for summer to stay a little longer and for date nights to be endless. Thank you babe for planning such a wonderful night full of unexpected adventure!

Cordially yours,

Madi xoxo

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