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Dare to be BOLD!

Alright everyone, this post is going to be a bit of a story, and so critical as to why I'm blogging about being BOLD! I promise I condensed as much as possible while keeping the tone of the story true. So sit back and enjoy! :)

In 2011 I was accepted into Brigham Young University - Idaho. As a senior in high school while many of my peers where staying local, I dreamt of starting my life out west. I had a feeling that Idaho was going to be the place where I learned who I was, and my potential. As the semesters passed by I found it harder to return back to New Jersey. My heart and soul belonged with the desert, mountains, and endless plots of potato fields, haha. Of course, in addition to the amazing life-long friends I made out there and the experiences I lived through, Idaho became my special place.

In 2013 I was offered a full time position back in New Jersey at a university. Entering my junior year of college, and finally feeling like an Idahoan with set roommates and cute home decor my heart was torn. Coming back to New Jersey opened up the chances for steady income, health benefits, etc. I cannot emphasis how hard this decision was. I prayed and fasted for an answer and felt lost. I was confused as to why my loving Heavenly Father, seeing his daughter flourish in her studies both spiritually and academically, would steer her on a path back to New Jersey. This path was out of my comfort zone. It was one that my heart had a hard time accepting.

In April 2013, I packed up my things and said goodbye to my home, Idaho. That was the first time I ever made a decision that was truly hard to accept as reality. I remember leaving Rexburg and driving down I-15 dreaming all the anxiety away. As I approached the Utah / Idaho border, I got out of the car. Seeing Idaho in front of me, I tried to soak in all the good.

The following month I began training as an administrative assistant for the upcoming fall semester. It took a while to adjust to life out in New Jersey. It was hard. I was uncertain of the decision I made and felt (for quite some time) that I was in a horrid nightmare that wouldn't end. But as any optimistic person would do, I made the most of it. I smiled as much as possible. I created friendships with the students, staff, and faculty. I gave it my all. I learned a lot about my self that first year being back. That winter I booked a trip to London, alone. I luckily had a friend living there that showed me around, but nonetheless I felt my purpose coming to me. Slowly but surely I felt that I had bigger adventures to conquer.

After London I recognized the world as my oyster. I couldn't ignore the truth and wonders this world had to offer. Fast forward to spring of 2016. After attending night school for 3 years I met with my advisor to see where I stood academically. I was told I had one class left, student teaching. (Now, I have been waiting ever so patiently to hear those words since 2011). After working long hours, and far from home. Having sacrificed so much, I kept moving forward year after year and I was yet again confronted with making another life changing decision. Full- time student teaching or stay full-time as administrative assistant and continue with night school.

With so many things to consider, my closest friends and colleagues noticed something was on my mind. They offered me the sweetest of words to calm my troubled heart. At that moment it made me realize how much love surrounds me. How my Heavenly Father does tend to all his children. I spent weeks praying, reading scriptures, and eventually fasting alongside my husband to find an answer. To my surprise, I found myself picking up that armor I had worn back in 2013. Three years of enduring I decided to get out of my comfort zone KNOWING that I was not alone. Knowing very well that my Savior is walking alongside me throughout the whole process. So, what did I do? I handed in my letter of resignation, allowing me to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. When I finished typing that letter and hit send I felt a weight-lifted off my shoulders. I wanted to jump up and down, climb the highest mountain top and shout at the top of my lungs how relieved I felt! I felt like Cantiflas singing Hallelujah, ha!

Today I stand taller, and more confident in stepping out of my comfort zone. Leaning on the support from family and loved ones, and especially on my testimony of my Savior, I feel strengthened. So, I dare you to be BOLD! To do something today that makes YOU happy! Do something that will make you smile greater than ever before.

Cordially yours,


PS. This talk entitled, "Dare Great Things" inspired me back when I was at BYUI. It was given by Elaine Dalton. Read it and you won't regret it. :)

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