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A "Mary" Christmas

The Christmas season is such a special time of year. Since the start of my little family back in 2015, Christmas has gained a deeper meaning for me. Although, we primarily focus on Jesus and Mary during this time of year I always felt for Joseph. Here is a man watching his betrothed grow this beautiful, special child of God inside her womb. He assumes the role and title of "father" and helps raise the child, Jesus the Christ, although he did not partake in the creation of Him. I would always wonder how he felt throughout his whole experience. I felt a similar connection to Jospeh since becoming a step-parent to K. I imagined Jospeh praying for guidance constantly, wondering what MORE he can do to help Mary, and maybe just maybe asking for less at times. Becoming a step-parent right off the bat in my marriage was not easy at times, but inside me I knew I was born to be K's "mom". And I bet you, Joseph felt the same way toward Jesus. It's a special role to play "step-parent" although it's really more "parent", and "mom." - Even though I'm not biologically his, it goes much deeper than that.

Now, this Christmas season, although I still feel for Joseph, I also feel a holy connection to Mary. Looking over at my sweet little Samson, almost three months new, and feeling all the feels imaginable I now know how Mary must have felt. Becoming a mother has changed my outlook on life completely. One hundred percent. Every second of every minute counts. I now think of Mary. I think of her visit with the angel and feeling so many emotions knowing that she will bear a son. I think of her feeling Jesus' kicks in her belly, smiling and wondering what he will look like, wondering who He will become. And of course, I think of her delivery in a manger with no epidurals, IV's, bed, etc. Mary's trust in God and his angels leaves me in awe. Mary was a woman of such faith and never questioned Heavenly Father's plan for her. Her dedication to protecting the son of God in all aspects really was beautiful.

My heart beats a bit more stronger, and a bit more harder now since becoming a "mother". And of course not only do I feel more connected to Mary, but I look at my very own mother and stand amazed. I look at her and all her trials, and triumphs and see an angel. I feel very blessed to feel such tender connections to both Joseph and Mary. It really has come full circle for me.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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