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One Month Baby

I've been a mama for one month to the most precious child I've ever laid eyes on, my little man, Samson Wilder. Since becoming a parent I fully understand what it means when people say "time fly by". It feels like just yesterday I was headed to the hospital and brought Samson into this world. Since that day I often wish I could go back to that moment in time and do it all over again. Since September 29th there have been many sleepless nights, endless amounts of diaper changes, and several "Golden Showers" haha. But as tiring and taxing it has been not only for me but for my husband as well it has been one of the most beautiful and wonderful 30 days. These past 30 days I've managed to experience tough love to the point where I've cried from such sleep deprivation to smiling because he's the sweetest love I've come to know. Motherhood is a tough job. You've got to be all in from sunrise to sundown and all in between-and honestly after these 30 days have come and gone I look at my little boy and thank God he sent me this sweet angel.

Here are some updates on knowing him for one month:

* He loves cuddling with papa

* He makes the silliest faces, but usually has a serious face most of the time

* He's getting really good at night with waking up usually 2x for feedings

* The longest he slept one night was 6 hours and some change- I couldn't believe it. It was awesome!

* He has really good strength in his neck. The day he was born he was holding it up.

* He likes having baths. He just relaxes in the water, I love it.

* He's gaining a good amount of weight and drinking lots of milk.

* When crying he loves when mama holds him and taps his bum, completely relaxes him.

* He doesn't like being swaddled at all!

* When he's upset, like crying or fussing, papa is usually able to calm him down with sweet soft whispers (this is amazing to watch btw.)

* He is really a good boy with a sweet spirit

* He has beautiful blue eyes.

* He is also a very gassy baby. Sometimes Tim and I laugh so hard because they are so loud. One time Samson was crying so much and I had done everything to calm him but all it took was two good farts and completely knocked him out for a nap. #blessings

* He is known as the "One Mitten Bandit" because no matter how many times you put both on he always manages to take one off.

* His sudden jolts when he sleeps is the cutest thing ever!

* He also lets out a couple of loud cries sometimes when he is sleeping-stops and but doesn't wake up. At first I was confused and nervous now I just wait to see if it continues after about 3 cries but if not he's just sleeping :)

* He's only had one blow out, so far.

* His smiles are the darnest thing ever, and does it alot when he's breastfeeding or after with his eyes closed.

* Has the sweetest cooing voice

* His newborn clothes are starting to fit a bit snug.

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