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Millennial Mama

A couple weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers', XO Mrs Measom, posted an entry about being a millennial this day and age. If you haven't read it yet please do so. She is amazing! Now, on her blog post she wrote about her dreams, and desires- as well as her reality as a millennial. Let me just say: It. Was. Inspiring... and just the push I needed. Now, push for what you may ask? Well you see social media is powerful. It can be used for good to help others or it can help us plant these silly, and unnecessary seeds into our minds that we aren't skinny enough, creative enough, and all around not good enough. Thus you can say I was going through the latter. I was having a hard week. I looked at myself in the mirror and basically cried it out. I was scared of the unknown future. I was worried about my family, and my goal to be a full-time educator. I was, in a sense, creating all these "WHAT-IF" scenarios and mentally making them a false reality.


So, of course I turn to my phone and open up Instagram in hopes of seeing something that would inspire me to see light within my darkness. Lo and behold, as I am scrolling through my feed I saw Mrs. Measom's millennial post. First off, how crazy is it just moments earlier in the day I was feeling low, insecure, and honestly- a failure and BAM!!! Here is this awesome, jaw-droppping, awe-inspiring blog post on how SHE created her "now" and is genuinely happy! So, ergo the push I needed to get out of my funk was to share my story as a millennial:

I am a 24 year old braving this chaotic world every new day I am given. I am a wife to a darling man, and a step mama to a teen boy. I am a soon to be mama to a baby boy coming this October, and have decided to take on the role as a full-time mama. I seek Jesus and his teachings amidst the secular society we live in. I just recently graduated with highest honors from my university and worked my butt off to pass all the required state tests to become a certified teacher (which I did). I have decided to take a pause on providing a steady income to raise this new babe that will soon grace his presence within the walls of my home.

And I AM OKAY. And because I have made these decisions my worth is no less to another millennial. My path is not the most popular taken, and few may be walking along side me. But it's the adventure I have chosen and learned to love immensily. I am still beautiful and pretty dang awesome at creating laughter with incredible people when ever I can. I am blessed to know that as a 20 something year old wife, and mama there are other women who are possibly in the same boat as me looking for someone else to share their millennial story. I know I was. And just maybe when these stories are shared these millennial mama's will want to be a part of this community where love and encouragement is shared. I hope that my story will help someone else just as my girl did for me. Millennial mama's need to stick together! We are strong and brave. We are fun, creative, smart, go-getters, and most-of-all sisters in this journey called motherhood.

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