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Bermuda: Part 1

This year for our 2nd anniversary (and 1st baby moon) we decided to go to BERMUDA! Once Tim and I found out we were expecting the first thing we did was search for places that were Zika-free. Luckily, Bermuda is only a 2 hour flight from JFK, and great place for expecting mama's to go and relax! While in Bermuda there were hardly, if any, flies or mosquitos on the island making the vacation truly enjoyable.

Here are some snapshots that were taken in Bermuda! I took so many pictures I'll have to share them in two parts, ENJOY!

This was the view from our balcony. How dreamy!!

Funny story, when Tim and I picked the dates for our trip we kept seeing something about, "America's Cup" on all the lodging sites. Everywhere from AirBNB, Homeaway, vacation rentals, hotels, resorts- you name it, it was posted. We didn't know what this event entailed or how BIG it really was going to be. I looked it up and told Tim it was some sort of boat race. Not giving it much thought we waited to book our rooms and BAM!! Everything was almost gone! All the rooms and houses- BOOKED! (WHAT IN THE WORLD?!). We were in shock. Finally, when we got to Bermuda we saw how intense the America's Cup really was. Tim got really into the races while there, he even tried sneaking into the VIP area where Team USA's boat was docked, haha. Never underestimate boat races peeps, they are the real deal!

This bird is a Kiskadee. These guys were my favorite thing to hear while on the island. Here is a clip I found on YouTube showing how they sing. There weren't many roosters on the island like Grand Cayman, but these little birds definitely won my heart over. You should have seen my face when I finally saw the bird behind the voice. Just look at the bright yellow belly!

Before heading out to Bermuda I wanted a pair of sandals that my feet wouldn't get tired in. Also, I didn't want to over pack since I tend to do, especially with shoes (but I am getting better!) I found these sandals on Amazon a couple days before the trip and they were AMAZING! I couldn't believe how comfortable, affordable, and cute they were. I ordered a half size up just in case, and they fit just right. I literally wore these the entire trip. Best purchase so far!

That sunset was breathtaking!

Bermuda, you are beautiful that is for sure.

Cordially yours,


Part Two coming soon :)

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