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Baby Bump Update: Week 15

How Far Along? 15 weeks Weight Gain: Roughly 2 lbs Maternity Clothes? Yes, maternity pants for the win. This summer I am totally wearing nothing but dresses. Sleep? Not much sleep. I am constantly waking up to use the restroom. Also, the weather has been getting warmer so I’ve been extremely uncomfortable when sleeping. The AC will become my best friend this coming season, haha. Best moment this week? Spending time with my family in Boise. My sister and I took a day trip out there to see my cousin, Dre, and it was awesome. Catching up on life, and creating memories with the coolest cousin in the world ;) The day we went to go visit him I was not feeling well at all. I was nauseous and had a horrible migraine. But all day my cousin made sure I was okay and took care of me. This made me feel so grateful because I had traveled without Tim and was worried I would get like this without him and feel alone. I appreciated the comfort and love from my cousin. Weird pregnancy moment?Finding out I was having mild heartburn when I had no idea, ha. While I was in Idaho visiting my sister I explained to her this weird warm, uncomfortable sensation I was feeling in my throat that would move down to my chest. I was really confused because I thought it was the soda I might have had but she laughed and said it was probably heartburn. We laughed so hard for a good while.

Movement: YES!! I have felt some flutters and it is amazing. I think it started a couple weeks ago, but being that this is my first time I had no clue it could be the baby. I get excited every time I feel a little movement. Food Cravings: This is going to sound so crazy- Olive Garden house salad. Literally, it has to be made from there. I can’t explain it. Truth- I was there three times last week. I also have been craving chicken sandwiches with lots of mayo. As for drinks: raspberry lemonade, coke, and ice cold water with lemon. Soo good! Anything making you queasy? The smell of Method hand soap, and our laundry detergent. I don’t understand why but I cannot handle the smell at all. I’ve tried several soaps and Irish Spring was the winner. Also, I bought odorless detergent and wow has that been a drastic change, haha. So grateful I’ve found something I can handle. Gender: We have decided to find out the gender. Our families have had dreams of a baby boy even before I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe that! At our first ultrasound around 12 weeks the nurse gave us her guess which was a boy but soon enough we will know. So excited! What I’m looking forward to: Warm weather. The weather has been all over the map with a hot 85 degrees one day to mid 50s with cold rain and wind. I’m looking forward to a constant pleasant medium and the week I can start wearing dresses and sandals.



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