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January Babes

First and foremost, happy birthday to my lovely sister, Gabi! Today she turns 22!!! What?! I cannot believe my little sister is all grown up. Don't get me wrong either, even though she is getting married this summer, is 22, juggles work and school full time- I still see her like the little sister I'd go on bike adventures with and beg her to give me the last bite of her chocolate bar (even though I had eaten mine already. She wouldn't cave in though. I swore she had super will power at like 6 years old haha.) Love you, Gabs!

Last week was my birthday and had a wonderful day. I had breakfast made by my two favorite boys, and then was whisked to the city for a ballet and dinner. I couldn't believe it was January and I was walking around New York in a dress! We've hardly had snow this season which is really a bummer. I love snow, and for as long as I can remember there was always a bit of snow on the ground around my birthday. This year Mother Nature has decided to trade snow in for rain, and well that's what we've been dealing with for a couple of days now, ha.

Nonetheless, Tim and I saw Balanchine Short Stories which were all different and unique! I had such a blast talking to Tim and seeing which one was his favorite. He enjoyed, "La Sonnambula" and I loved "Prodigal Son". After the ballet we walked over to this Cuban restaurant right around the corner from Columbus Circle. My favorite part of the dinner was listening to salsa blasting from the speakers and eating a whole plate full of avocados! YUMMM!

As Tim and I arrived home, K had baked me a cake accompanied with the traditional Venezuelan birthday song. Everything about that day made me appreciate my family so much. I honestly couldn't have asked for anything else.

Here's to being 24! May this year be empowering, creative, and beautiful.


Madi xoxo

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