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New Year. Better Me.

Welcome, 2017 we've been anxiously waiting for you to arrive! With the New Year here many of us have set grand resolutions. Many of us want that slick, toned summer body and have signed up at gyms. Other are determined to try new diets to hopefully get that summer bod and others are wanting to conquer their fears and take on the world. Don't those goals sounds amazing?! Well, of course, YES! But personally I think it would be hard to achieve some of those goals. These New Year resolutions are often times unrealistic. These goals are demanding and very large. Large in the sense that they are big and taxing goals. If you still don't understand what I mean, I'm saying it's like taking 20 credits your very first semester in college, working part-time, maintaining a social life, and getting straight A's. That's what I mean by unrealistic and very big dreams, haha! And don't get me wrong, dream big and shoot for the stars! But, this year for my New Years resolution I'm thinking simpler. Goals that will challenge me to achieve a better me.

This New Year I want to live happier, and become more humbled by daily thanksgiving whatever the circumstance. So, what could that possibly entail? How can I achieve these goals for 2017? Good questions! Below are the answers!

1. Read Scriptures! - This one has always been a toughie for me. Recently, I've had this feeling that I NEED to read the scriptures. Here's a small experience I had the other day which confirmed to me that I should. A couple of weeks ago I had the prompting to read my scriptures so I put it on my to-do list and, of course, it didn't get done that day. The next day went by and I had the same feeling I had to read them, but this time it was bolder! And guess what!! I didn't read them. Finally, the following day I decided to pick up my Book of Mormon and open up to a random page (because I feel it always works better that way, haha) and you'll never guess what I read that day. Alma Chapter 33 verse 14: Now behold, my brethren, I would ask if ye have read the scriptures?... ( cue jaw drop!!) Right?! How amazing was that answer?! At that moment I knew I needed to seek to better understand the past. I needed too learn more of the prophets of old, and come to know my Savior and Heavenly Father better.

2. Be Creative! - I have found that taking pictures and writing on this blog has made me happier! It has given me purpose to get up from bed, go outside, and be alert…to be in the now! Living in the present is wonderful. It is exciting, and truthfully a gift we should never take for granted. Being creative can also be anywhere. It could be trying a new recipe for dinner, finding new ways to style my outfits, or creating new storage space for things within my home! Being creative is my outlet. This New Year I want to draw more, paint more, continue expressing my talents through all types of medium.

3. Finding The Good! Staying positive! - It is so easy to find error and mistakes whenever things start going south. So, how can this be applied to our daily lives? Okay, here’s a way I put this to use the other day. I had two doctor appointments. I called beforehand and explained my reason for visiting and I was all set to come in. Of course, I woke up early and got there 40 minutes before my appointment to make sure I had enough time to find parking, walk into the building, and fill out new patient paperwork. The minute I get in I am sent around a couple corners, making lefts, rights, up and down elevators. Eventually I asked a kind soul to guide me to my new doctor because I was seriously confused, haha and luckily I hadn’t traveled far. I met with the nurse and was told I didn’t have an appointment for that day. This was the start to me getting upset. I called several times prior to make sure I had this appointment, how could I not be in the system? I waited some more so the nurse could check one more time. As I sat in the waiting room two doctors came into the waiting room and just stared at me, and left. Mind you, I was the only person in the waiting room. I found this to be quite odd. And that's when I started to get frustrated. But then it hit me! My goals for the year... be positive! Instead of getting upset and angry that I was sent on a wild goose chase to find my doctor and to be told by the nurse she couldn't find my name on the appointments list the first go-round I said to myself:

// at least the waiting room is quiet // how blessed was I to find that kind soul to guide me to the sign in sheet // how wonderful was it that I parked close enough on a side street to the building when the hospital parking lot was full //

After counting my blessings and seeing the good in this situation the nurse found my name in the appointment book. After a couple minutes of speaking to one another turns out I had to go on another adventure consisting of the up, down, and around to the registration office. HUH?! Almost instantly, my frustration came back and this time it was stronger. I was just happy a second ago and this little hiccup made me upset. I then asked myself "why was this taking so long?" To make this long story short, I waited about another hour to get called up at the register desk to find out I was not going to be seen that day. I was going to have to call my insurance and several doctors before I could be seen. As I began to yet again become upset I looked into the eyes of the secretary trying to help me. I remembered hearing her comment from when we first exchanged our hellos and how she expressed she wasn’t feeling well. I remembered watching her call person after person after person into her cubicle to get them situated for their appointments. I looked at her as she tried plugging into the system and at the moment I realized how can I be upset? I am okay! This appointment was just a regular check up. A simple meet and greet with my new doctor. My other appointment could wait. It’ll be fine waiting another week or so. This woman in front of me was not having a good start to her day. She was not okay. So, I tried to help her in the simpliest way I knew how. I smiled, I listened to her, I asked her questions about how I could figure this problem out, and it all worked out.

Finding positives in every situation my not come as easy. But I do know when you try, you honest to goodness try to see the light in a dark situation you can find a grain of hope illunimating.

This New Year I simply want to live happier. Smile more, seek God’s love, help a friend in need, speak truth, work with a purpose, and do it with expecting absolutely nothing in return. I hope this New Year treats you right. I hope your goals and resolutions bring out the best YOU!



Madi xoxo

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