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Blair & Gabi Engaged!

Yes, you read that right! My little sister, Gabi and her boyfriend, Blair are ENGAGED! I've been holding onto to this secret for a couple of weeks now and boy was it hard not telling my sister. As the day approached the less I was able to sleep, haha. Seriously, try keeping something this big from your sibling and not go crazy! Whenever she wasn't around that was all I could talk about. But finally, Tuesday December 27th came and on a beautiful winter evening at the Brooklyn Promenade Blair proposed to my sister. Blair had the whole thing planned out down to the hour. His mother, and sister also came to witness the proposal, best part was she had no idea they were coming. Her reaction to when she saw them was priceless! Needless to say, Brooklyn is always a great idea, and lately I've been dreaming of owning a flat in Brooklyn with Tim one day and adventuring into the city streets. But for now Brooklyn belongs to the future Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Congratulations to these two!!

More pictures below from that evening:

thank you tim for capturing this moment! best believe all the iPhones were whipped from the coat pockets and used immediately to take as many pictures as possible :) and not just us, a couple of asian tourists also joined in and took pictures of the happy couple, haha. seriously the funniest thing that happened that day.

I'm so happy you have found love in each other. I wish you both many treasured moments during your engagement. Congrats, again!


Madi xox

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