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Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

This holiday season has been so hectic with gift buying, wrapping, and attending holiday gatherings that I decided we needed some time to relax and enjoy the Christmas cheer. I've wanted to go to Dyker Heights for a while now because I mean, streets filled with endless Christmas lights and decor is pure magic! So, Tim and I decided last minute to make the trip up to Brooklyn and ended up bringing family from PA! It was such a sweet surprise seeing everyone together enjoying the festivities. My heart was full!

More pictures below:

my beautiful sister, gabi

my beautiful sisters-in-law, julia and annie

after a bit of walking, we were lucky to find this ice cream truck on main street selling hot cocoa. it was found just in the nick of time. :)

Dyker Heights during the holidays is magical. Every house is so different and unique yet they all capture your attention. I loved seeing families walking together, laughing, and taking lots of pictures! I hope this trip to Brooklyn will turn into a tradition for years to come. There's nothing I cherish more than when family is all gathered together creating memories. If you're near Brooklyn I highly recommend!!! It's worth the trip.


Madi xoxo

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