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Gabi + Blair : Brooklyn Bridge

This Saturday these two love birds met me on the Brooklyn Bridge for a fun photo session. Pictured above is my sister, Gabriella and her boyfriend, Blair. For anyone that knows these two they are the cutest, most happiest pair around. Since I knew Blair was getting out of work early that day I said to him, "You, Gabs, and I + mini photo shoot! What do you say?" And he ,of course, said let's do this! The Brooklyn Bridge is such an awesome place to take pictures. The crowds of people in the background make them the perfect extras, and the sudden stillness you get when there aren't people crossing (for about a good solid 15 seconds) makes for a treasured moment captured in time.

These two made the evening feel more magical than ever before. I absolutely loved shooting them. There was so much laughter and love between this match that being in such an iconic NYC location made the perfect ending to this adventure.


I also wanted to take the time to announce that I am launching a photography page to display some of the work I've been doing, and hopefully take some of you! I love taking pictures, and always dreamed of taking it one step further. There is nothing I enjoy more than capturing tender moments shared between friends, families, and loved ones. If you are looking of someone to take your pictures, then I'm your gal! The link to my new photography webpage will be posted soon!

Cordially yours,


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