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Top of the Rock

With the end of September quickly approaching and the belated birthday of my dear friend Laura, my sister and I decided to take a trip into the city to celebrate with her! I have been wanting to go to the Top of the Rock for quite some time, so this trip was extra special. We had such a great time in the city. Good conversation, long good laughs, and recording anything and everything on Snapchat made this evening perfect. I often forget how magical New York is until I am walking the streets and taking in the sight of all the hustle and bustle. This weekend the East Coast also got a taste of Fall weather, which we gladly greeted with open arms. The slight chill in the air making it just cool enough to wear a long sleeve button down made us all happy campers, ha.

Here are some photos from Saturday's trip...

i have a thing for black and white photos

all smiles here :)

the way the sun hits my sister's hair = #beautifulhair

Till next time New York!


Madi xoxo

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