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Museum of Ice Cream!

Yesterday Tim and I went into the city for a day date to end the summer with a visit to the Museum of Ice Cream! In late July before the very grand opening of the museum there was a video circulating the Internet giving the general public an inside scoop on the museum! Of course, when I saw it I went straight to their website and saw it was SOLD OUT! Whaaat?! I couldn't wrap my head around that! How it could already be sold out and not even open yet. So, like any hopeful soul I signed up on the waitlist and wished for the best. A month later, I randomly checked my email and saw more tickets go up! I couldn't believe it. Luckily, I was able to reserve 2 tickets and "patiently" waited for the big day to arrive!

The minute you enter you get a scoop of ice cream and are immersed into the colorful Willy Wonka inspired world! The museum was fun, and interactive with a mini photoshoot happening in every corner possible!

the sugar helium balloons were so fun to play with! tim and i couldn't stop laughing. we felt like to kids playing around :)

adding a scoop to the giant sundae! (it's really clay!!)

the giant pool of sprinkles! i love seeing tim's face in this photo! he looks so happy! but, how can you not be?! 3ft of sprinkles with bits and pieces being thrown into the air! and don't forget the heart inflatables! those were my favorites, for sure.

this is the face of a lactose intolerant daredevil taking in dairy like a boss!

For an avid ice cream eater, this place is a slice of heaven. The vibrant colors, wonderful high energy staff, and yummy sweet treats makes this museum picture perfect! Goodbye summer, we'll sure miss you!


Madi xoxo

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