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Grand Cayman

For our first anniversary Tim and I both agreed we wanted to go somewhere tropical. We wanted to explore a new country where we could go swimming in clear waters from sun up till sun down, and mingle with friendly locals. After much contemplation we sat down at our kitchen table one Saturday afternoon and booked two tickets to Grand Cayman!

Photo curtesy of Cayman Compass.

Grand Cayman is a hidden gem. The minute you arrive to the airport you feel the heat from outside. We exited the plane via boarding ramp and instantaneously saw several iguanas, and lizards surrounding the airport! Since this was the first time I have ever been to a tropical location I couldn't believe it. It was amazing. There were pops of color everywhere you looked. And lets not forget the wild chicken and roosters running around. They were the best, especially the early morning wake up calls from the roosters. Our favorite activity while in Cayman was beach hopping. Each day we discovered a new beach and soon felt like locals. We covered the whole entire island within 10 days from Rum Point to the East End back to George Town and up towards West Bay.

this pink was so beautiful!

the textures in this photo, ah! one of my favorite photos i took.

the blowholes. this was such a cool site. reminded me of geysir in iceland, the anticipation and all ;)

tim and i were lucky enough to attend sacrament in grand cayman. it was such a special experience. the chapel was full of both visitors and locals.

"at least you know it's always fresh!" -me in the car to tim

my favorite spot on the island was cemetery beach.

tim's favorite spot on the island? tiki beach- great spot for snorkeling.

starfish point

my blue eyed boy :)

Grand Cayman was so good to us. We were lucky to stay there and meet a ton of locals. We got to hear their stories of life on the island and share memories that will last a lifetime. Till next time, Cayman.

Cordially yours,

Madi xoxo

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