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Fourth of July!

This fourth of July weekend was a busy one! Tim and I first met up with some family friends to celebrate a birthday, and then shot down to Atlantic City for a comedy show. The birthday party was perfect for a little boy. The theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all the family members were decked out in Ninja Turtle gear- from tees down to the shoes. The commitment was no joke! The weather held out that day, which allowed for an awesome BBQ and games.

After the party Tim and I drove down to AC. Boy oh boy and let me tell you something for this being my first time there it did NOT disappoint, ha. Tim and I got a quick bite before the show and did some people watching. It was quite a show to see who would come and introduce themselves to the public. All walks of life came roaming through the halls of the Borgata. Old and young, couples and friends. The sight was something out of this world funny.

the ellis'

i love this family

okay, now there is a very funny story behind this photo. after the show tim and i wanted to grab a couple shots as the line to exit shorten. but before we could even pass the security a nice and very friendly man asked us if we would like for him to take pictures of us, we said SURE!! (how lucky, right?) well, this good sir went to town. as he took the pictures you could hear him pressing down and capturing at least 35 pictures per burst. it was soo funny, tim and i couldn't stop laughing. he then positioned us in different spots and kept snapping away. it was awesome!

oh timothy darling

The following day we drove down to Virginia to spend some time with Tim's side of the family. To our surprise it rained almost the whole way down (thats about 5.5 hours of rain). Yea, that was pretty brutal. Nonetheless, by the last 30 minutes left it was sunshine and smiles. The company of so many family members made this crazy weekend totally worth it. If there's something I've learned is that family is the most treasured gift we have here on Earth. So to combine that with an awesome 4th of July makes for an awesome story to tell.

Cordially yours,

Madi xoxo

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