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Ballet for two please.

If there is one thing I love the most is trying new things with my husband. This past weekend my husband, Tim and I took a nice day trip into the city and saw a ballet. I purchased these tickets months in advance and was so excited when the day finally came. I was so excited the night before I made sure to have the tickets ready, as well as my dress, nails, hair, etc. A matinee at the Lincoln Center should not be taken lightly ;) Needless to say the ballet was amazing! The costumes and orchestra were magical. And the dancers were breathtaking to watch. I am so glad Tim enjoyed himself. It also made me smile hearing him talk about the technicality the dancers demonstrated on stage. It warmed my heart to see him dive into a different side of the arts.

before the ballet we decided to go on the balcony and take in the city's busy plaza.

isn't he a dream (enter emoji with heart eyes)

hello down there! :)

i loved the red carpet and the arch of this walkway.

central park near 65th W is starting to become my favorite sight.

cordially yours,

madi xoxo

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