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Gentle Heart

Newlywed life is quickly approaching year 1. It truly is amazing to see how much work, time, love, compassion, understanding, and effort is required in married life. Married life is learning about each other on a deeper level. Within the first couple of months you learn your partners silly little habits, and routines. You spend more time together, and not only that but work hard to provide for one another.

This month I will have been married for 11 months to my darling husband. E L E V E N! Holy cow, right?! Time really does fly by. I've tried really hard to write in my journal during my first year of marriage that way I can look back and remember tender moments.

Lately, I have been preoccupied with studying for the Social Studies Praxis Exam (got my results this past Sunday and PASSED!!!!) and have been more inclined to seeing the negatives of life. I've felt so much pressure to study long hours, and drill information over and over. On top of that making sure the house is clean, dinner is made, laundry folded, and keeping a healthy social life between work, school, and family/friends. Because of all the chaos, I simply have felt so down. Plus this rainy weather we've been having lately wasn't helping but I know that is one of my weaknesses. I've found it much easier to see the bad, and how it out-weighs the good.

But something clicked in my head and heart. And it came all at once. I remembered how dang lucky I am to have a wonderful spouse. Yes, we all have faults, but how lucky am I to know my husband LOVES CHRIST, adores family, is a hard-worker, a fantastic friend, and has the most purest intentions with my heart.

I forget these small details at times, and when I do I get in this little funk. Life "seems" to be crazy, and all types of topsy turvey. The adversary is always up and ready to strike unto to those who have strived so diligently to change their lives, for the better. Today, the Holy Ghost touched my beaten heart and gave it LIGHT!

I love my husband, and will rejoice with this truth. He is beautifully precious. Thank you for all that you do. You make each day amazing. Thank you for your gentle heart.

Happy almost 11 months, darling dearest.

Cordially yours,


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